Masks, shaped fit

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These masks offer compliance with COVID-19 "must wear face covering" rules. We make no claims that these or any masks will protect you from any viruses, and are not a substitute for washing hands and having responsible social distancing habits.

Listed here are the original 3 mask choices, see all of our mask listings (click here) including "build your own" masks.

Improved: Masks are now made with one loop of elastic to eliminate the strain on ears! See new photos. It is an extra large size length of elastic and it works for large heads and also fitting up and around long hair styles. It is made smaller by adding a new knot until fitted to your liking. It can be converted to ear loops with scissors, we recommend making 11" each loop to start, and then adjust by knotting smaller until it fits.

Each one will be made to order.

3 Ply: Solid colored 100% cotton with a lining/filter pocket. Linings are solid colors in blues and grays, see photo. Best for: Maximum layers of material, with the option to insert a filter (not included) of the wearer's choosing.

2 Ply: These are 2 ply with no filter pocket, for something lighter to wear. Inside lining is a densely woven 100% cotton. Outside is designer cottons we use in our collections. Best for: Hot weather—lighter layers may encourage reluctant mask wearers to keep theirs on (our relatives living in FL inspired this new option). 

Each also has nose  wire.

Wearing a mask also lets others know you care to be careful in their presence. 

Masks have elastic that can be adjusted for fit, by tying the elastic smaller. One size fits most adults. 

Sewn to order by Betsy Cook. Addresses in the Haddon Ave. vicinity will likely be hand-delivered. Offers to pick up are welcome.

Masks are not returnable for refund but if damaged or defective, can be exchanged. 

100% Cotton
Hand washable is best, cold to warm water. Do not bleach.
Air drying recommended, smooth flat while damp to reduce need to iron. Iron on cotton setting.

Masks, shaped fit
Masks, shaped fit
Masks, shaped fit
Masks, shaped fit
Masks, shaped fit
Masks, shaped fit
Masks, shaped fit

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