Hello from the Team


Betsy Cook, Owner/Designer
After decades of graphic design and web editing, Betsy decided to make a living out of her true passion, making clothing. Although she enjoys the glamorous title of "Designer" when she's feeling fancy, Betsy likes calling herself "Manufacturer" and prefers overseeing the production process more than anything else. Chances are likely she personally interacted with your garment in some way before it reached you. (Photo by Denise Guerin) 

Lorraine Delphey, Sewing Assistant
Lorraine has the distinction of being the company's first employee. Lorraine's sewing experience spans decades, working for Stretch and Sew, So-Fro Fabrics, and like any true sewing enthusiast, for her own personal satisfaction. She prefers tea to coffee, and if there is any holiday approaching, she's got a cookie for that. Recently, she built herself a side gig making rustic cotton baskets. Of course, she gets first dibs on the best scraps in the house.

Emily "Birdie" Busch, Poetic Contributor-at-Large
A.K.A. Social Content Creator. In 2020, Birdie will be sharing more of us with you in her own unique voice. Birdie pitched a special project for our social media:  Interviewing artistic and industrious women she knows, sharing their careers and experience through visual and verbal portraiture. Wearing the clothing we're making at the moment. Painters, mothers, musicians, brewers, bakers, and more. What muses!

Josie Cook, "Special Ops"
Josie began working for National Picnic as a summer job and has already designed some of her own styles for National Picnic's pattern library. She could be sewing your garment as easily as editing the website, building a database or modeling product. Off the clock, she edits thrift store finds to fit herself perfectly and personalizes them with shop scraps. We tap her youth, spunk and unique creative expertise between semesters at Dickinson College. If you see her in the shop, say HI.



Topics: Teamwork, Slow Fashion, Mindful Manufacturing, Small Business, Women Owned Businesses


  • Andrea Morton

    Lovely top.
    So happy to be able to buy clothes made in the USA.
    Thank you and many blessings to you and your staff.

  • Janet

    I just received my order. LOVED that it came with hand tied string and a note. Ive made a concerted effort to buy American since December 2019. I love my tops and plan to order again in the future. Thank you so much for being out there!

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