Holiday Concert at the Studio Boutique

This wonderful event happened! View the highlights here:
If the video isn't playing here, visit it at this link:
Thursday, December 5th, 2019 • 7PM
Live acoustic performances by 

Birdie Busch

and also

The Rockwins

Free to attend, our gift to you...

Our second holiday concert, come see the cutting table transformed into a stage to share an evening of live music and refreshments with our community.

Chairs are limited (we will do the best we can), so you may possibly be standing. To guarantee a place to sit, you are welcome to bring a portable chair.

This isn't a shopping event, the register will be closed during the performances. There will be time to shop and mingle afterwards if you'd like to browse musician's merch or make a purchase.

Stay tuned on Facebook and Instagram for reminders.

About the Artists

Birdie Busch, raised in Collingswood, has been making and recording independent music from her home base of Philadelphia for a solid decade. She has created a constellation of connect the dots that has people listening to her music all over the world.  Critics from American Songwriter to Village Voice have found her of kindred spirit from everyone from Syd Barrett to Eudora Welty. Last year, our holiday concert was blessed with some of the first listens to original songs commissioned by the Art Museum of Philadelphia. It's true, The Bird is in the family, sister to the designer :)
Observant readers will recognize our own Emily Meyer, social media director, as half of The Rockwins. Her husband, Ranaan, is the double bassist in the acclaimed " classically trained garage band" trio, Time for Three. They began writing songs together in 2009 on a road trip and have continued ever since. Inspired by their lives together, Emily and Ranaan Meyer use music as a means to express the different stages of life. While both are products of extensive classical training, you will find flavors and influences from many musical genres and artists. Emily and Ranaan invite you to share in these intimate highs and lows of life they find most poignant. 

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