Laura Lacy, Brewery Owner

This post is part of our portrait/interview series with Emily "Birdie" Busch. Birdie's challenge is to tease out candid responses from fellow artistic, industrious women. Painters, mothers, musicians, brewers, bakers, and more. What muses!

As I sat down to write this blog post earlier this afternoon Philadelphia had just declared official shutdown of non-essential businesses for an indefinite amount of time. Laura Lacy and her husband Todd Lacy just recognized a many years in the making goal of opening Germantown’s first brewery and tasting room at the end of January.

Despite the trying times I look forward to the day where we can head down there to enjoy the wonderful space again but until then, a toast to Attic and Laura Lacy! If you are feeling cabin-fever and need a field trip, they will be continuing to pour growlers for take-out everyday from 3pm-7pm at their brewery, a great way to support them at this time. 

I’ve gotten to see how she has worked so hard from the seed of the idea to the present place it resides and how her belief in her community is bringing a lot of people together, which in this age, is much needed!  So it was appropo that the day before shutdown Laura welcomed a small but vital crew to utilize the big space at the brewery to box over 500 meals for Kidz Meals on Wheels to ensure Philadelphia’s kids don’t go hungry during the shutdown.

It’s this kind of support and openness to her fellow neighbors that has been a common thread through Attic’s journey. 

Laura Lacy, Brewery Owner

Laura left a corporate job at Old Navy to pursue going into business for herself (Todd still works as a park ranger) and after some thinking and exploring decided a brewery was the end goal. “Attic” came from the literal process of the two of them homebrewing in their attic to start out as homebrewers. For years they have shown up to what feels like every public function, festival, and gathering to pour beers and spread the word (as well as some private ones too). 

For the shoot we took photos in the newly opened 6,000-square foot brewery and taproom at 137 W. Berkley Street. At the ribbon cutting to declare the building’s reuse years ago, we were standing in puddles of rain water in a roofless industrial space near the Wayne Junction train Station in Philadelphia. Laura now oversees the transformed place like a proud parent, and as you look at all the fine details of the space you can tell she considered every choice from lighting fixtures to toilet paper with an incredible amount of heart. I mention toilet paper because she has paired up with the company Who Gives a Crap that donates 50% of their profits to help build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world. They also have begun to donate proceeds of certain taps to worthy causes.

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What is a career/creative moment you are proud of?  Funding my business. My husband Todd and I own 100% of Attic Brewing Co. There aren't many brewery owners that can say that. But we knew our neighborhood is not the ideal place for a craft brewery based on industry statistics. We wanted control of the decisions to make sure we built a place Germantown could be proud of. 

What are you listening to now? What are you looking at? What recipe you feeling?  Attic Brewing has only been open for 6 weeks so I practically live here. I'm lucky to have live music on Thursdays, an amazing gallery wall filled with local art to look at  and yummy food trucks to fill my belly. We filled the space with things we love, so being at work feels really good.  

How do you define your own personal style or approach to clothes? I've never felt comfortable with clothes. I'm tall and curvy and feel like most things don't fit me how I want them to. When I find pieces that I feel really good in they become staples and I wear them often. A good friend taught me how to build outfits, instead of creating a new look every time I wear a piece. It takes a lot of guesswork out of dressing and has cut down on my wardrobe spending. But I like feeling unique and usually take more risk with my accessories. I'm really into earrings right now.  

What would be your advice to a younger woman clothing and style wise that you wish you had received? Don't dress to trends, dress to your body type. It took me 30 years and thousands of unworn clothing items for me to figure this out.

About the interviewer:
Emily "Birdie" Busch is one of National Picnic's social content contributors. Living in Germantown, Philadelphia, she has been songwriting and recording independent music for a solid decade. She has created a constellation of connect-the-dots that has people listening to her music all over the world. Read Birdie's extended bio here.

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