What our "Slim Fit" means

It can be harder, ordering things remotely. 

To help some more, let's share some some common fit vocabulary, and conversation snippets we often tell our shop walk-ins.

"Slim fit" is a word we use to describe the styles that are designed to fit closest to your body. It has little to do with a person's size.


Pictured: Slim fit "Bombshell Top" plays a supporting role styling our wrap skirt in a photo shoot. Note how it tucks into a waistband without bunching up. Its neckline also looks great under blazers and cardigans.

It simply means the garment is designed to follow the lines of your body closely. The professional vocabulary word is "ease": the amount of room a garment allows the wearer beyond the measurements of their body.

Many of our styles are loose fitting, some are downright body-hiding. Slim styles are meant to be smaller when worn true to size. We've played with proportions when designing, and found that many of these slim fit items play well visually with looser separates. 

Not only that, when cold weather is in your neighborhood, these styles work overtime as underlayers, sliding easily into outer layers such as looser separates, sweaters, blazers, and coats.

Pictured: Leggings fall into our slim fit category. They skim the body and pass the "could be used as an underlayer" test.


However, these styles have a flexible fit. Size up if you DO want more "loose" out of these slimmer cut styles. And if you like a little more va-voom, you can size down. Our brand's slim fits are always made from fabrics with a good amount of stretch. 

You know how you can love a billowy blouse or pant, but if you pair it with the wrong bottoms, it's not a look you love? Sometimes all you need is the right balance of loose and fitted pieces.



In the end, there is just one true method for finding personal fit: trying it on.

We work hard to make out patterns fit "true to size", but fit is personal and subjective. A designer imagines how something should look on the customer, and develops ready-to-wear patterns based on best-odds averages. 

That's why we think our 14-day no risk returns policy is good business. It's a reasonable amount of time to be fair to you and to us. :)

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