V-necks: no longer a secret menu item

We've been featuring a crew neck on our Original Picnic Top listing (you love it), and have been making v-necks by customer request (you also love). Like Starbucks, V-necks were our own "secret menu" item. Now there are V-neck options visible to all and regularly available on our website. 

How geeky I can get about clothing manufacturing and still interest the reader? Appreciate this:

Adding a simple choice of V-neck to our Original Picnic Top creates 56 MORE product variations—unique combinations of size, color, and now, neckline.

In total, our Original Picnic Top ALONE now has 112 variations that are visible and available for online ordering. No secrets necessary. If those 112 variations were physically in stock in the shop, and were made with conventional mass-production methods, my staff and I would be sewing hundreds of these tops made from hundreds of yards of fabric—and then we'd have to hope the right person for each size/color/neckline will come around to buy. 

One top. I hope that sharing this might help customers understand some hidden scale behind a single product.

So you see why there might need to be different expectations for small business clothing makers—the ones who can set up shop in your neighborhood, hire from your community—to serve you with any sort of consistent product offering. I am very thankful for customers who are willing to wait just a little longer to have their top made for them. 

This math I shared is just the tip of the iceberg. Pattern libraries grow exponentially, as well as the work needed adding variants to websites. Unless a biz is blessed with deep-pocketed investors, the decision to add just one new product might quickly create too much work. A new product should have some proven potential. Like a v-neck :)


You can see the listing, Picnic Top, V-Neck, here.

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